Imperfect Perfections

Adding meaning to your existence by comprehending daily life Psychology tips with Zainab Udaipurwala.

A Shift in Mindset!

During these days we all have experienced that being positive is difficult, because we are constantly caught up in this vicious negative thought cycle due to the circumstances around, which leads us to have a rigid and negative mindset. But once you have realized that you have control over your mindset, you can embrace it…


WHAT IS EMOTIONAL SELF-CARE? Emotional self-care is about becoming more attuned with your emotions, by checking in with yourself as you become more mindful about your triggers and thought patterns. And you are always finding a way to work through them.  We experience hundreds of emotions because we go through an emotional roller coaster throughout…

The Digital Age

In this era where social media and the carefree use of electronic devices dominates the world, it is very common for children to fall under the spell of these toxic devices and keep exploring. Although there is no harm in exploring and learning about new things but it becomes a problem when they begin to…

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